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July 2007

Holy crap….

(Yeah… it’s a bad cell-phone photograph.) I’m sitting in a panel that has two guests. Ray Bradbury and Ray Harryhausen. Holeeeeee crap.

Reg thoughts

Ok. Most of the attention I pay to conventions in the last few years has been me registering people. I’m here for fun, but I can’t help but glance at how this, the con of cons, does their reg: It’s a lousy camera picture, but look at the size of the room. This room is […]

Going to the big con…

So at AC I had some wonderful discussions with the guests. Mostly, I happen to be at hand recommending a good bourbon to the security staff while susandeer got along wonderfully with the con guests. Now, I know AC seems like a big con to me and I’m scared to death at times about registering […]

The things that are full of internetz.

MP4/iPod format: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3 So. It’s a russian claymation animation of “Little Red Riding Hood.” Being communist era, it uses copyrighted music for fun. Hearing the wolf sing about his desire to consume things (I assume) to a Sinatra tune is a surprise. As with most communist era art, one could […]


Help me spread the rumor that if you whisper “Bloody Donny” three times at the mirror in the Men’s Room at work, Knuth pops out and laughs at your source code. Copy this to your journal!


Apparently tigers can also be used as a club…

Feed your head

So when I got an iPod and had a decent commute I started listening to books on the iPod. It came from a realization that while I had read a lot of interesting things in college lit courses, I had generally not read much of anything since college. It also kinda ties into ideas on […]


So the_gneech posted a link to Tally Hall’s famous and freaky Banana Man video. It got me on a bit of a musical kick for a while. I like Tally Hall. Neat musicality and lyrics. I hope they can keep that creative streak going. Of course I should link to the track that for no […]

They know not what they do…

Ok… so maybe most folks don’t know about macrophile.com or about my character, but still. Is it really a good idea for spammers to be sending Bennie information on viagra?


Happy Birthday to the cool dude who brought me out here, gave me a place to stay, and who is still helping me figure out the area and myself! Happy Birthday, tugrik! *snicker* Now when to finally show you your gift….