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August 2007


I’ll be out of town for a bit. I need to clear my head and there is this thing in the blacrock desert about charred flesh or burning man or something…

Lots of cleanup left, but now with head and canopy

Chrystler bandwidth

So I drove out with a few coworkers to empty the secondary data center of useful equipment and bring it back here. It was a rather droll 2-hour ride out to Sacremento, and then unracking stuff worth a lot of money, loading it into my minivan with blankets and towels, and driving it back to […]


An hour-long self-bio by Tom Lehrer recorded for the BBC. (13 MB mp3) Apparently, due to royal interest and general humor culture, his music was better received in England than here. Lots of fun background and tidbits. And I sure hope you know who Tom Lehrer is….


What do you mean they made a tiger lunchbox and called it Benny!? Benny Munchler – insulated lunch bag

Nosing around the bits.

So as I mentioned yesterday, more servers and mail fun. Today I moved my fathers domains. (He runs two websites, one for each boat he served in. He’s also started a convention for one of the two boats. It’s fun to swap convention ideas and experiences with him based on Anthrocon.) This is the first […]


So it looks like work might back off for a bit. I sure hope so. The long days running on end are getting tiring. Here’s hoping it quiets down a while. I got to putter a bit more on the new ISP-style email server. I got virus and spam checking running on the virtual accounts […]

Double Entendre…

Ok. I know I like odd things. Some of you know the odd things I like. Every once in a while I’ll catch a bit of unintended meaning that makes me snicker. Here are some lyrical examples: “Some kind of happiness is measured out in miles.” – “Hey Bulldog” from Yellow Submarine, the Beatles “But […]

Here’s something fun to balance the other post.

My mind is goo….

I’m getting into this new job and things are good. There’s an pile of work to do, but I know how to do it. It really is a case of drinking from the firehose. There’s lots of stupid tech problems and quick solutions being put in place. There are nifty solutions being put in too. […]