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October 2007

Shake-a shake-a shake-a.

So I’ve been out here in California for about a year. I’ve heard of these earthquake things before. It’s something I’ve never been through before. I like storms and hurricanes, and that same fur-poofed-on-edge interest in those things makes you wonder… “what is it like?” So for the first few months here I would occasionally […]

So what do you call it?

A mookie? A coofin? I took the simple cobler base that grandma used to do, added some honey and blueberries and poured it into scone pans. It came out wonderfully spongy and good. To quote a roommate: “It’s like the bastard offspring of a cookie and a muffin.” It’s super easy to make. Try making […]

http://computerworld.com/action/article.do?command=viewArticleBasic&articleId=9043739&pageNumber=1 Geek stars: The secret (nerdy) life of celebrities Who knew that Major Burns of MASH studied aeronautical engineering at University of Colorado? Mr. Bean has a masters in electrical engineering? Beauty queen Hedy Lamarr pioneered work on spread spectrum technology, which makes both Ethernet and your cell phone tick? Todd Rundgren wrote one of […]

An unsolved mystery?

Was it built by druids? Is it a giant celestial calendar? Is it a temple for secret rituals and sacrifices. No one knows who built it or why there is … crutonhenge.

Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday, ! Here’s hoping you have a good one, with a warm head and a relaxed day fiddling on fun projects. And to think you almost let it sneak by on us! 🙂

Something for smackjackal?


Success…. kinda

So in the middle of last week I did my duties as concert master for the first time ever.

Financial help…

So mom wants to buy the house from dad as part of the negotiated no-fault divorce. She might not have all the finances to make the payments. My brother does not have credit. Mom’s asking me to cosign. I’d have laughed in your face a year ago if you asked if I would cosign a […]

Stage fright

I’ve been on stage to perform easily more than a hundred times. I’ve been on stage as crew for performances to literally thousands of events. In my own observations both on and near the stage, stage fright can get interesting. Leading up to the performance there is the obvious build of tension and apparent distortion […]


I don’t know why. But this image is just funny every time I see it: