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November 2007


From triggur Now that is two-note square-wave beatclick 🙂

Surprise surprise…

69%How Addicted to Apple Are You? It would take 14 Long Island Iced Teas to kill me

There’s something about Sean…

At breakfast at the local brunch-diner the guy in the next booth engaged (as in: wouldn’t leave us alone) in a conversation on how the US government was controlling his mac laptop via windows. You see, the machine would go crazy when a certain program launched windows via parallels. He had removed parallels off it […]

Master and Commander.

I remember from being a kid that Dad had a collection of books on the shelves that caught my eye. It was the complete “Hornblower” series by C.S Forester. It was a collection of books that was roughly based on a few real officers, but really was a good setting of a story in the […]

Mmmmmm… Turducken

With only one of a small apartment double-oven set working and a good pile of folks expected over for thanksgiving we were worried about scheduling and figuring how to do all the food. Guests who were experienced at cooking were asked to bring specific dishes and a lot of prep was done ahead of time. […]

hehe…. beechwood … wood.

So wired has one of those fun little list articles: 10 Great Snake-Oil gadgets Of course #1 is the Q-Ray bracelet. But I was thought it nifty one of those ridiculous audiophile things ended up in the list too. There is stuff out there that can truly make a reference sound system great. And then […]

More semi-creepy looking CGI furry commercials:


It looks like this has been going on for a while and may have died down, but I just love the concept. Apparently the Incredible Hulk has a blog. A few random entries: Hulk learned meaning of word “reparations” today. Hulk has to give school near Avengers mansion $13,000 for “reparations” Hulk did to playgound. […]


From the_gneech: A P-38 had trouble and was abandoned on a Welsh beach. WWII security was high. People didn’t talk. A record mistake was made. The tide washed sand in. People forgot. Sometimes currents shift and uncover things. Now they’re trying to figure out which museum or society will do what.

Mars: Bringer of theft.

So the recording came out of our last concert. I was looking forward to it because I thought we did a screamingly good version of Mars. We did. Even if you don’t know Gustav Holst, here’s a little taste of what is likely the single most ripped off minute of music by movie composers. (Short […]