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December 2007

Ready for new years?

Just in case you might have a need for it: Auld Lang Syne It’s Guy Lombardo’s version. The one that has been played in Times Square since Guy and his brothers were hosting the New Years bash. (They hosted from 1929 to 1976 BDC – Before Dick Clark) More info on who thinks the tune […]

Kicking it old-skool.

Find yourself a G5 (or G4 or G3 or any old PPC or 680X0 mac) .. Install “Classic Mode” support if you’re running OSX. (It’s probably buried on an earlier disk, like Cheetah. If you’re running an Intel CPU or Leopard, you’re SOL. If you have a friend who has support, all you need to […]

Macintoshing it!

So recently, my personal Mac laptop bit it. Through a bit of my own doing I ended up having to reinstall it. I was reminded that I’ve had folks ask me what software I found cool and found myself using on my Mac a lot. So if you’ve got a Mac or recently bought one, […]

Something else a little different out here.

#27 – Smelling fresh-cut grass on the walk to work two days after Christmas. It’s always the little things that seem to be the most to strike you as new or odd when you move.

Merry Christmas!

I like Christmas. I like giving gifts. Finding a truly good gift can be an art unto itself. This year was my first Christmas away from family. And that family has been split in so many bad ways in this last year. With the move I had no time to get all the gifts and […]


Today we got the final things out of the old place. I’m sure there will be a handful of oops-forgot or oops-packed items that we’ll deal with. We’ve got to return keys and pay final bills, but that should all be settled as the month comes to a close. Aside from those and some unfinished […]

And visions of boxes danced in their head…

Boxes. We haz em. The books and DVDs are put away. The kitchen is put away. Dining room is squared away. Most of the living room has been sorted and put away. Probably about two dozen boxes have been completely emptied and broken down. A lot of other things have been sorted into their appropriate […]

Swingle Jingle

I like Christmas music. One of my early joys as a kid was being in charge of the Christmas records in and around that family day. We had a great selection that I’ve tried to rebuild over the years on CD. I also like jazz, big band, and swing. That sometimes tempers the albums I […]

Everything you know is wrong

Drink at least eight glasses of water a day We use only 10% of our brains Hair and fingernails continue to grow after death Reading in dim light ruins your eyesight Shaving causes hair to grow back faster or coarser Mobile phones are dangerous in hospitals Eating turkey makes people especially drowsy All proven wrong. […]


Folks are probably getting tired of moving posts. Thankfully, this will probably be the last one. Today, a lot of things lined up. I was reminded that some folks would be out of town by this weekend, so I decided to try to get a truck for the heavy furniture before then. Calling around at […]