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January 2008


I think the part of being sick that sucks the most right now means I have diddley-squat prepared for Sue’s birthday. Even worse, Sue’s the one who is stuck caring for me.

Signs you have a high fever:

Sitting bolt upright in bed and saying in a declamatory voice: “It was Bubbles. In the conservatory. With the lead pipe.”


Note to self… Feb 1 is FRIDAY. Sorry for the confusion folks. susandeer‘s b’day is FRIDAY.


I don’t know about con-crud on the like. But my ass is getting kicked around by this cold/flu far harder than it has been in years. Suck.

Coming up this FRIDAY: Feb 1

It’s susandeer‘s birthday! Or it will be. I’ve had a few folks ask me about giftish things. And details of that will start in a moment. Folks aren’t obligated to any gift. The most important thing is just remembering to wish her a good day or tell her Happy Birthday. As I’ve said in previous […]

Joe Venuti

Chances are you have no idea who the guy is. But I bet you like him. Joe Venuti was a violinist who lived in Philadelphia in the 20’s and 30’s. He could play a little jazz violin. He would hang out and do fun weekend sessions with his friends in the studio musician circuits. Folks […]

Controlled insanity? or just insanity?

I think a new DVD has come out. Stuff is showing up on youtube again. Notable solos on collapsible trombone and bicycle pump.

FC: Fursuitin’ it.

Sitting at a table in the marketplace, you don’t have much of a choice but to see them go by. I counted 352 fursuits, excluding the team of people running the chinese dragon. Apparently at the head of the parade the “official” count, now passed to me by word of mouth, is 364. In any […]

Lenny B.

West Side Story was a album my folks had on LP. I remember playing it a lot as a kid. Along with the soundtrack to The Sting. Both probably effected me a lot as I still love them. This scene in particular is just utter compositional bad-assery. Lenny has to set up a change of […]

Barings again?

Remember how in 1995 that Barings (the British bank which had been around long enough to have been the financier for the tea that some colonial roustabouts threw into Boston harbor) was put out of business by a “rogue” trader doing more than a billion dollars of bad trades on the Asian market and hiding […]