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February 2008

Ouch… workiee…and good server news.

So working for nearly 2 straight days — not fun. And I now officially hate my first vendor. I’m a forgiving guy, but this is just ridiculous. Anyway, in between bouts of work some major accomplishments can happen. Folks have asked about webmail, and it’s now back up and running with the new style accounts. […]


Why am I in at work at 5:30 am? Especially on the tail of having been here till 2 am last night? Let’s just say we have a storage system from a vendor that’s not really worth the amount we payed for it. I’ve never had to fsck a 2 TB partition before. I hope […]

Holy crap…. Stage fright?

Classical music has two sides of knowledge that people seem to discuss. One is about the composer. The guy who wrote the music. Much less known are the performers. It seems to be a knowledge you just pick up by being around and listening and performing. I perform under the baton of Tony Clements, who […]

Raar! The randomness is done!

I let this languish too long, but now, it is DONE! All of the email has been MOVED to the new server. Accounts on the older server have been closed. Email, POP and IMAP services have been shut down. For all of you who have email on my servers and are ready to use the […]

Just…. tired.

The robbery put a heck of a dent in tech and in the machine move. My personal information is in question as with any such robbery, and I need to complete insurance and police paperwork, but it’s just hard to concentrate on. Something makes you want to just not do it. I was able to […]

drleo says, “You know what the big difference between an oral and a rectal thermometer is?” triggur whickers, “the taste?” drleo says, “Yup.”

Machine moves and house sad.

The machine-move work got put on a bit of a pause due to some house-ugly. Last night, sometime before 10:30 pm or so, some unknown party decided to bust in the back door of our house. They went through the rooms and selected a pile of stuff of value and left with it. Lost items […]

Move on down da road….

~38 of 40 domains moved now. One of the domain updates is locked up due to mis-mastered DNS. Macrophile is partially moved, too much to go at once. If you have a vanity domain with me, it may be a day or so to where you can access the files to your domain. Their location […]

Server Migration Project

The current server I admin is a bit out of date and underpowered. And the current host has always had a bit of BGP flap. I got a better host quite a while back and have never completed the migration. Considering the savings on finances, it’s a nice priority now. Status as of this evening: […]

New Headphones.

I need new headphones. This may not seem like much, but I wear headphones a lot at work. I am not lucky enough to have an “office door” to close and get work done and so very often my headphones are my only refuge to work from. I can often end up wearing them for […]