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April 2008

Mel Blanc, Jack Benny and the Tiajuana Brass

Mel Blanc got one of his better breaks on radio by being Carmihael, Jack Benny’s polar bear. Eventually he ended up doing piles of voices and moving into cartoons and the things we all know him for. I didn’t realize just how well he could ham-it-up and act. Here he is, in character, getting the […]

Upgrade music…

So we had a hired gun onsite when we migrated the data down to TX. His expertise was this kind of data move and he had done the legwork down in TX to prepare things. The move started at 9pm and was scheduled to go through 3 am. It was just a few tech guys […]

The word for today is: WAAAAAAUGGH!

Pushin tech to its limits…

Some folks doing voice recordings and some talk back and forth about Queen reminded me of good old “Bohemian Rhapsody.” It’s a big monster rock tune, but a lot of folks probably don’t realize that it’s one of the most complex singles ever produced. Never mind the “promotional” video that was made for it that […]

Some good news…

It’s easy to get depressed at the steady erosion of rights and possibly sanity our current government is taking us through, sometimes small victories are had: Gordon Lee’s case has been dismissed. The CBLDF only had to spend about $100k in legal fees to help defend a small-time comic book seller who was being prosecuted […]

Kicking it old school.

I ordered a newspaper to be delivered to my house on a daily basis today. I figured I needed to get more of that filthy-commie-pinko-liberal news perspective in my life that doesn’t come from the internet. The internet version of that mostly reads like: LOL BUSH. And I’m feeling a little intellectually starved by most […]

Level up!

Remember the glowing orb on altered beast? I hit one of them Thursday as the tech skillz auto-incremented. New accomplishment: Lead admin on the migration of 5 TB of data / 4.88 million live users to a geographically remote data center. Migration performed without error in 6-hour maintenance window. Actual data migration time: 1.5 minutes. […]

Mama Leone left a note on the door…

So at this point Sue and I have been moved in for 3 or 4 days. The roommates all have the majority of their stuff in. And all the heavy junk is in place. The kitchen is massive. We’ve cooked two full-team dinners and a breakfast in it already. It’s hard to believe but everything […]

Move on down da road….

With the downtown address getting more interesting* with the warm weather, we were glad to get the opportunity to move. At this point Sue and I and the kitties are in the new property and settling it. Compared to downtown the house is astonishingly quiet. I also knew the eastern side of the valley was […]

Good old Eric is at it again…

Who know that Aperture Science made .. an Amiga? It kinda explains a lot: