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May 2008


As you might have read about from Sue, we made another trip to the dentist. The last one was a cleaning. This one was to remove to failing fillings. “Failing?” Yup. That’s right. If you got fillings put in your mouth, you should keep in mind that 7 to 10 years later they start to […]


I’ve written before about the bad habits of my upbringing and the handling of firearms. It’s something out of my history and a skill I like to be familiar with. Some dark corner of my mind likes the idea of being ready when the zombie-elvis ninja pirate army attacks. We were in a “sport shop” […]

Cool tool

Every once in a while you run into a cool and simple tool that is just plain useful and kickass. clonezilla is just one of those tools. It is a lightweight little bootable CD or USB stick that you can then use much like Norton Ghost. But it doesn’t require a dedicated server. (The dedicated […]

Yesterday’s life lesson.

A lunch that included liberally sauced buffalo chicken tenders. An evening bowl of carb-free (slight laxative effect) vanilla bean ice cream. D:

Music and Teef

Monday was the last day of music for me for a while. We had played our last concert two days ago and we did a recording session on Monday. Mr Mike Vax was there while we sight-read some interesting tunes. We recorded backgrounds on a solo written for Doc Severinson. A Vivaldi double-concerto reduction for […]

Green things.

So we bought a minivan to go cross-country. It was mostly so we could haul ourselves, our cats, and our most precious items to California with us. Before that, I owned a nice little Saturn and put some quarter of a million miles on it. Mini-van’s aren’t as bad as the bigger SUVs at guzzling […]

Web Design

Swiped from the_Gneech, who swiped it from others. http://www.poisonedminds.com/


I think it needs to be a goal in my life to learn how to play bass like the bass player on the original Jesus Christ Superstar double-album. One bass player “drove the bus” on funk, half-time and straight-ahead rock, dixieland, 5/4 ballads, orchestra fusion, shuffle, recitatives, and a few other sprinkles of styles here […]


No… it is NOT adequatemagic and the_gneech‘s unholy man child. It’s a video that all the tea-drinkers I know should see. SFW and fun. One of the secondary characters is a dead ringer for dustykat

Advice to geeks.

There’s a growing list of “bits of advice” I find myself writing down to what I wish I could have handed to my former self. Most of them seem to resolve around employment and work and how it meshes with the geek/creative psyche. Today’s bit of advice: Always drink with the CEO. AKA: Always go […]