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June 2008


I had a lousy “Anthrocon.” I didn’t go to the con this year. But while a lot of folks were having fun I was busy, in bed, being sicker than I have been in years. The shorthand moral is not to grab a quick meal in a questionable neighborhood, even if it is a known […]


And so it escalates. Dad’s lawyer served divorce papers on Mom this morning. So much for a separation agreement. Apparently they were talking last night and Dad didn’t mention it. Mom’s understandably broken up by it.

VMS on a VT 102 Terminal

One of the earliest cool folks I ran into on the muck, though he probably has no idea, was someone who helped me into a tech career. He has been an incredible friend over time and who I think has done a lot of good for this world. Happy Birthday, Triggur


181 lines of Perl (mostly written over lunch) showed how we could reduce our SAN usage by 30% and reduce our network overhead by 46,000% with a simple production code change. That will potentially scale our current product nearly a magnitude in capacity and save millions in lost revenue. Some days I wonder if I […]


Who knew I might buy a Norwegian car. Here’s hoping something like this truly pans out: http://gas2.org/2008/06/23/thnk-ox-an-electric-car-with-style-and-smarts/

George Carlin

I remember Carlin being that 8-track tape I wasn’t supposed to listen to. I’m glad I did anyway. I love that he talked extensively about language. If you listened carefully, he ardently believed that the language we use represents how we think. The unspoken passion behind that comment is that by thinking about our language, […]

Do we truly all live in a Yellow Submarine? And are all of our friends aboard? Or do many more of them live next door? These are important issues that need addressing.

Workity work.

And today I celebrate my 1-year anniversary at work.

Caption time!

Ok you artist types…

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