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July 2008

Favors, Requests, and owed work.

If you or someone you know is waiting on work from me, hearing back from me, or was waiting for a response from me on something about websites, the work I do, or such, please ping me again. I’ve been through a large flurry of work and have also been catching up on the things […]

Putt Putt Vroom!

susandeer is just kicking butt on the auto front. First driving classes up in San Fran. And then securing an open-use auto loan so she could car shop at her own pace. Today her foraging paid off as she found a sweet deal on craigslist and pounced on it in just a few hours. As […]

How did you spend your weekend?

This is how I spent my weeked. So it turns out the parents of a friend we were working with have a 45 year old or so lemon tree. This came up in the course of conversation as did the offer for all the lemons we could pick. You see, his parents are getting older […]

Bird watching? Or predator eyes?

Today we had a nice relaxing lunch hashing out some tech design with one of the sharpest storage guys I’ve ever met. It was a good chance to tell war stories and relax as well. It’s amazing how a half-liter of dark german beer will aid a technical discussion. Said restaurant has a beer garden. […]

Happy birthday Drleo!!! May your new car remain new, your mane stay dry, and your droll-kitty well… droolish.


Problems always seem to come in three. Following up on some sloppy work I peeked around in similar systems (unmanaged by our group) and found two more special cases. Crazy load levels…. 19:20:09 up 321 days, 10:30, 1 user, load average: 247.17, 247.10, 247.08 19:20:18 up 293 days, 11:18, 1 user, load average: 191.03, 191.02, […]


22:26:24 up 445 days, 21:53, 3 users, load average: 866.17, 671.06, 612.

A great weekend!

Things seem to be crossing some sort of turning point. After being dead tired from all the moves, unpacking and work, more and more social things are popping up. This weekend at the suggestion of teddytiger and twentythoughts being interested in it, we hit California Extreme. It’s a bit gather of lots of old arcade […]


The first furry convention I attended, (The furry track at a Philcon) I remember a fursuit creation panel where it was discussed that about 2% of the fandom was in to fursuiting. By the time I got on the board of this new Anthrocon convention, in our stats we knew that about 5% of our […]

Butter Math

Isn’t it funny what sticks in your head: 3 spreads is 1 pat. 2 pats is 1 dab. 4 dabs is a glob. 73 gobs is equivalent to the fat in 1 frappachino.