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August 2008

iPod rebuilding

One of the things I lost from the theft was my laptop which had been at the core of my music collection. I had been in the middle of cleaning and moving around my music collection when the theft happened. Most everything was lost and scattered. Thankfully due to the combination of me steadily cleaning […]

Unsticking the drain.

Ever finally get a drain unstuck? And all the backed up water and gunk swirls down? That’s how I feel right now. For the last, I don’t know, 4 or 5 years now I’ve been moving and re-moving. I’ve been cross-country, in and out of crap jobs, in and out of dream jobs, and trying […]

A quick channel grab

Geist: I chatted with you friday about going through those podcasts. I’ve not seen any email about it. Someone just emailed me asking me for results. Are you emailing the crescendo.net address? Did you send me which category to judge?

Avatar: the big size bender.

So occasionally I want to order a catalog or other item that has a high chance of putting my name on junk mail. Often I will throw a spurious suite number or fake office designation to see who sells my address where. The ultimate form of this, of course, is to use your furry nickname. […]

A bit better.

So today was a bit more relaxed. I didn’t get all the things I was hoping to do done, but I got a chunk done and got to relax and enjoy the day. That’s a far sight better than yesterday. Here’s hoping the week goes weel and this journal gets more interesting because of it. […]

My Brane Hurtz

Today, in a word, sucked. I slept in a little and grabbed breakfast, but shortly after I started to get a light headache. After an hour or so I was severely light sensitive and it was turning into a full blown migraine. Trying to head things off, I took some migraine meds and layed down […]

Very very wrong…

Start with 3 pints of whipping cream that are cold from the fridge, 10 pieces of bacon, sugar-free Hershey’s chocolate syrup, and baking-style Splenda. Carefully fry the pieces of bacon to crispy, but not burnt. Set bacon aside on paper towels to drip-dry thoroughly Drain excess grease from pan and let cool. Pour about a […]

Network trouble.

There appears to be a routing problem on Level3’s backbone in the Dallas area. This is making connectivity for some folks (notably Comcast users on the west coast) intermittent to macrophile.com. I’m not going to point fingers at who might be responsible, but Wolfette’s big rump might be sitting on some key facility down there.

Music vid’s

It’s been a while since I posted anything music related. Remember the title track “Belleville Rendezvous” for “The Triplets of Belleville?” It was tune done in the style of 30’s guitarist Django Rheinhart by a gentleman named Mathieu Chedid. Mathieu, AKA “M”, is a well known artist in his own right. You might have seen […]


It looks like United Nuclear is going to move to new facilites and open a showroom in Laingsburg, Michigan. If you live in MI, you will be able to shop for chemicals, nuclear materials and other cool bric-a-brac. Want a 3″x2″x2″ Neodymium magnet that can cause staplers and scissors to come flying through the room […]