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September 2008

Surprisingly not from XKCD

Swiped from the_gneech. Origin is http://www.dapperstache.com/

On something unrelated…

6 years. I didn’t know it had been so long. I wish I had had the chance to know you better, reemul.

Bandwagony things

Take a picture of yourself right now. Don’t change your clothes. Don’t fix your hair. Post that picture with no editing. Post these instructions with your picture. Second use of the laptop camera evar. This is work. Too bad it’s not from the other side. The cool Tony the Tiger poster is on the other […]

Immunity for whom?

Since the phone company immunity bill has stalled the lawsuit over warentless wiretapping directed at AT&T, the EFF is directly filing against the NSA and parties in the current administration who approved it. http://www.eff.org/press/archives/2008/09/17-0 Here’s hoping it does the good it should. Too bad we will have to wait years to find out how it […]

But guitar hero has FOUR buttons….

If you do nothing, just watch from 4:12 out. A wonderful close-up on some of the fastest trumpet fingering you will likely ever see or hear. The section after that, most of the work for all the notes is in the lips. With that kind of dexterity, one can only imagine how happy this guy’s […]

Tuck in your shirt!

A subtle example of why a school policy might required your shirt to be tucked in. Safe for work and absolutely amazing:

Jazz Hands

He was sitting in the back of the last clip, but Dr. John is probably one of the best New Orleans pianists alive. He also has an INCREDIBLE voice for this kind of music. It sounds like a door-creak. Someone has posted a bunch of clips from a DVD he made explaining the various New […]

A little bouncy music.

Dr. John and Jools Holland, two of the finer boogie-woogie and New Orleans style pianists alive accompany each other:

A butterfly flaps its wings.

People are searching the web on information about flight cancellations in Florida. Some of the hits pull up an article from 2002 on the South Florida Sun-Sentinel newspaper website. The story, an article about United Airlines entering bankruptcy back in 2002, is a bad hit. Either way, enough people visit the site to put the […]

Cuddles anyone?

There are a few strays running around our neighborhood. We’ve took to feeding them as part to capture them, see that they get medical care, and go to a shelter for later adoption. We’ve got three contenders. One is exceptionally skittish, one who is a younger cat who will adopt very well, and the third […]