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November 2008

They call it a “tension grid”

So today I helped out recording a vocal group at the California Theater. The California Theater is, hands down, one of the most beautiful theaters I have ever been in. It is an amazing piece of architecture that has been saved and restored to incredible quality. Check out the pictures linked above for that. They’ve […]


One or two little stutters from the transmission, and then the next time it’s in drive there’s a horrible grinding sound. I am living Jim Groat excuse #7 – “The transmission fell out of my van.” Now all I need to find is a decent transmission shop.


I occasionally post virtuoso things here. The last few were tuba and trumpet. Have something you never knew you’d see. Virtuoso accordion playing. Keep it handy as something you can show the folks at home over Thanksgiving. There’s always an awkward moment when Mom or Dad wants you to show them cool stuff on the […]

What the?!

That’s right. I’m polluting your livejournal friends list with Lawrence Welk. Before you scroll past, let me add that it is a fantastic Marimba solo. But that’s not why I linked to it. At the second transition, at 1:05, before the OMFG-fast section, the piano player reaches up and plays the ending arpeggio on some […]

Stupid SQL tricks.

Graeme Job got bored at work and came up with a less-than 50 line SQL statement that computes a Mandelbrot set and then displays it in ASCII:

Fireplace fun.

I know it isn’t really “cold” out here. But the drop in temperature and a nice fireplace at home makes for such a wonderful quiet time.

Experiment #1

So I am either making something good, or I am wasting good liquor. I took Ben Franklin’s recipe for “Orange Shrub.” That’s an aged drink made mostly with rum and natural orange juices. I’ve adapted it for modern orange sugar content and made a small bottle of it which is now aging in the pantry. […]


One of the silly things I’ve done at work is insist that we clean up and organize our stuff. This has been the work that I am frantically trying to get done before the next tidal wave of customers hits. The logic behind this is I want to be ready to handle the future and […]

Oh wow…….

So there are bad gigs and there are good gigs. There are good gigs and there are great gigs. In a larger music community, much like any profession or group, the way you make it to the great gigs is you get a rep for being a decent musician and doing a good job. You […]

SSL and fun

It’s been an item on the to-do list for quite a while. And I finally got it taken care of. I moved from self-signed certs to real ones for email. This means no more click-and-approve-this-cert dialogs for my users. SSL is such a pain. And every app that supports SSL has it’s own hare-brained requirements […]