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December 2008

Crusty music in digital streams…

WRDV is a public radio station not far from where Washington crossed the Delaware river as he bravely ran away from the British. It’s a radio station that shouldn’t exist. It’s living on a budget of about $40k, all user donations. All the announcers are volunteers who love the music they get to play. I […]


Somewhere during college I took it upon myself to learn to cook. On the way I’ve picked up skills here and there and have progressed to somewhere between “advanced bachelor” and “short order cook.” I’ve never done a Christmas or Thanksgiving on my own, though. This year, I offered to Lisa and Sue that they […]

Happiness is….

… finding a real tree for free on Christmas eve just because you asked. I’ve got no qualms about fake trees and we have a nice one. But a real tree is nice and Sue and Lisa missed the smell. It seems that fate provided us one. It’s also nice to have a mini van […]

Have a … odd … Christmas.

Occasionally you find diamonds in unexpected places. And then sometimes things are just so far off the wall you have no idea what to do with them. This is a mix of both. Unexpected musical gems and musical car-wrecks that you can’t look away from. Dance of the Sugar Plum Faries – Performed by a […]

And even more Christmas Music!

Two more dollops of musical Christmas cookies here. First off another liberal dose of great jazz versions: God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen (Canadian Brass) Deck the Halls (Richard Stoltzman) The Nutcracker Suite (Briant Setzer Orchestra) Christmas (Just In Time) (Inga Swearingen and The Guy’s All-Star Shoe Band) It’s interesting just how much heavier and louder […]

Online ordering is FAIL this year.

So, out of several online retailers I have ordered packages from, it seems a lot were not prepared for this years Christmas rush. I have ordered various items from 7 retailers. One item is a timed delivery due tomorrow, so I don’t know it’s status. Of the remaining six, HALF of them will not be […]

PDQ at the SFO

Thinking back, this was actually the first symphony concert I have paid to attend. I’ve been to a few free concerts here and there, but mostly I have either played in, or been a member of stage crew on almost all of the orchestra concerts I’ve attended. From that aspect, the concert of world class […]

More Christmas music.

Just continuing on in the idea from an earlier post about finding good Christmas music and sharing. Christmas Blues Christmas Eve Morning Sleigh Ride Wise Man Blues Louis’ Christmas Cool Yule Christmastime in New Orleans ‘Zat You Santa Claus? A few bluesy cuts. And some tunes from Pops that you hardly ever hear. (I love […]

Company-wide meeting

Still have a job. Good. Our sales guys need to learn how to do a demo better. Not so good. Posted via LiveJournal.app.

A PDQ Bach Christmas.

It turns out that the San Francisco Symphony is sneaking in a Christmas concert of that musical accident known as P.D.Q. Bach. And my honey snagged me some tickets for it as a Christmas present. She knows me too well. I’ve always wanted to see Professor Peter Schickele at work. The concert program is “Joy […]