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January 2009


Nothing quite derails a night like getting a phone call from work on something that has to happen emergency-right-now. It’s doubly annoying when you find out they could have told you about it 2 days ago.

New Hotel for FC

tilton‘s post about the new hotel seems to be grabbing a lot of discussion. Love it or hate it, FC outgrew its hotel probably about 5 years ago. Convention hotels seem to come in two flavors: “yes we have convention space” and “OMFG HUGE.” Making that leap from the smaller to the larger is scary. […]


dnapalmhead found a growing morphic tiger video! I haz a happee.

Random thoughts… from FC

I’m getting older. It’s a lot harder to stay up till 2 am and get back up at 6:30 am for several days in a row. There are some very cool folks in the fandom. You won’t notice them if you’re too busy looking down on fans in general, of course. Online is fun. But […]


A tough day of work ended well. Now off to go a con and enjoy it. It’s the first con I’ve been to purely as an attendee (no work, no volunteer, no business) since 1996. Let’s see if they’re still fun.

Sometimes I scare myself…

My sweetie asked if I could put together a “surfing safari” themed playlist for her iPod for FC. I warned that I thought I might not have enough to make much of a playlist. If it was short, she might get bored with it. Anyway, I promised to do my best. So I sit down […]

What the hell….

Ok. Yeah. There’s a guy beatboxing with a harmonica on youtube. Seen it. As a forgotten bit of music history, back in the 30’s and 40’s, there were groups that would play in harmonica choirs. The WTF moment here is a group playing the full powerhouse score on harmonicas: This scares me. Beatboxing has nothing […]

What’s in your desk?

I find myself looking at the high end bourbon bottle, the 20 year scotch bottle, the bermuda black rum (for coffee) and the reserve venezuela rum (for sipping) in my desk at work and thinking “I should bring some Zaya and Svedka in.” Judging by how much I get done around here, alcohol is a […]

Slow day. (AKA Emo post)

Yesterday was a bit foggy. After lunch a migraine started to kick in bad. Even with a pile of advil, after cycling through some intense periods of nausea I went home early, leaving the car-pool coworker on his own to find a way home. Bless Sue. I had been chatting with her via IM and […]


Time to get the fangs cleaned. Let’s hope the bill of health is good. I need teeth for music. Posted via LiveJournal.app.