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March 2009

What are ya doing Wednesday night?

Are you in the SF bay area and have a band instrument you haven’t picked up played in a few years and wondered if you wanted to get back into it? Maybe you play in a community band and are interested in seeing how the other ones are? The Ohlone Community Band is holding an […]

Lucky? Or Unlucky?

After surviving the blast in Hiroshima, he went back home to Nagasaki to recover from the burns…. http://www.boston.com/news/world/asia/articles/2009/03/24/japanese_man_certified_as_double_a_bomb_victim/ The worlds only double-atomic-bomb survivor.

British War Bunnies

Hey badboybunny! Have you seen this trailer, or the original manga?


Playing a concert of local-composer music tomorrow. Should be fun, but might not be fun to listen too. Hopefully it goes well. In other news, according to the scale I haven’t weighed less than this since about 2003. I don’t think I feel or look that different, but here’s hoping that trend continues.

A lot of editing …

From cooner A whole shit-load of editing time and lots of youtube videos.

Nature’s balance

Isn’t it nice that after being paired with racist, bigoted, and homophobic players in online gaming that you get points for putting an RPG (rocket) in their face?


So I’ve seen 6 traffic accidents in the last 24 hours. People need to learn that a wet road means longer braking distances.