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April 2009

Julliard Trumpet Ensemble

So the trouble with arranging for a “choir” of the same voice is finding a good piece that stays within the range of that voice. The JTE dutifully ignored this idea, orchestrated Festive Overture for 8 trumpets, and won the annual trumpet competition because they played the mess out of it: Considering some of the […]

An expirement in virtue

When Ben Franklin was a younger lad he once conducted a famous experiment in virtue. I’ll spare you the details, but with the aid of a score card he figured that he could become more virtuous by practicing being more virtuous. He started out with simple things and worked up. In a very similar vein, […]


It’s interesting when I think about my live journal. In the past I have used it heavily for a few different ideas: * General job bitching (to get the stress out and share my troubles) * General people bitching (ditto) * To share nifty things with others * To talk about music since I have […]


When I was a little kid, I remember being heartbroken when a pet was put to sleep. It’s nothing compared to having to make the call yourself.


Apparently typing commands fast and using a text-mode terminal are probable cause for a search warrant and confiscation of your computer equipment if you are a student at Boston college. http://www.eff.org/deeplinks/2009/04/boston-college-prompt-commands-are-suspicious NB: This article leaves out the info that admins traced a harassment case to his specific machine, which was the sole computer on their […]

Why it was such a good weekend…

As the pic I posted might show, I got to camp in a really awesome place. And on top of that, it was a beautiful weekend, an incredible spot, and it had been ages since I had a good camp. Almost like the icing on the cake, there was a hidden reason on why it […]


This was my weekend: It was a good weekend.


Today is one of those rare days when I intensely wish to be left alone to work at my own pace at work. The rolling weather has my mood a bit down and I know if I just have a slow and quiet day, things will go well. Of course it’s not working out that […]

Growing buffness!

cooner found this gem from a French TV show:

And you thought Lisa Simpson had a big sax.

Contra Bass Sax. Basically an EEb tuba in reed form.