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June 2009

Server Stuff

For those of you who have shell accounts on my machine, (macrophile.com, etc) I’m doing some software upgrades to get DNS in line. In the middle of other packages, SSH was upgraded and new keys were generated for the host. So when your SSH client warns you the keys have changed, you can rest assured […]

We have a “backup” system that consists of syncing files off to remote storage at work. It’s a temporary workaround while we’re waiting for a real backup system out of procurement. There is already a procedure to do the backups. (Run a script.) I was asked to detail the restore procedure. I wonder if anyone […]

boop … beep … bloop

I get by with a little help from my friends…

I posted my rather emo post about AC and family a bit ago. I’ve been rather quiet about such things since then because a few of you have leaned in and helped out. It’s very very humbling to remember you have friends that are more than willing to help. Some sent financial support (I’m not […]

The first programming language I ever wrote in

I learned to do stuff like this: REPEAT 4 DRAW 100 RIGHT 90 NEXT SHOWTURTLE END I was amazed. It was new and nifty. It was demystifying. It was my first taste of how these magical new “computers” worked and could be made to work. I am fairly sure that my first programming epiphany was […]

Heads up on yesterday’s post: Row #1: Apple II, Commadore 64, IBM PC DOS 1 Row #2: CP/M on an Epson, Tandy Color Computer, VIC 20 Row #3: TI 99, Sam Coupe, Sinclair Row #4: PDP 11, Acorn Atom, VAX VMS

Das Boot!

They aren’t Pokemon, but can you name ’em all? Have you used them all? I’m a little disappointed that there seem to be relatively few “classic” mainframe boot screens. I could only find two; and those images were pulled from emulators. They’re on the last line. All the rest are “personal” computers.


I think this confirms it. Two years ago I did not attend Anthrocon. After stepping down as Director of Registration I wanted to make the break clean. I stayed home. That being said, there are many people whom I would like to meet up with. Friends I now have not seen in 2 years. Some […]

A mechanical TV?

So here’s the other side of yesterday’s puzzle. tilton got it off the bat, and others got it or got very close. It is, indeed, a mechanical TV. kellicjtiger recognized and linked that the disk is a Nipkow Disk. A disk, patented some 40 years before TV, that when it spins at high speeds presents […]

A bit of a riddle

This is going to be a larger step back in time than most of the previous retro I have been posting. But considering the date, I think this is important. So what is it? I’m not going to give that away. Kudos and karma will go to the first to figure it out. In any […]