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July 2009

Retro Help Desk Tech Guide

A lot of my friends got started in tech with the ubiquitous tech-support job. I did the phone side of things, but inevitably there are the folks who are doing onsite support as well. Its a task familiar to us all. I doubt many of you knew L. C. Jones of the Chicago Telephone Co. […]


shaterri posted some pics of his garden. It reminded me to share here. Last year I tried gardening in containers. It’s rather hard to do so in our very very sunny yard and you can end up losing a lot of nutrients out of the soil when you plant heftier things. Thankfully, this year the […]

5 words meme….

A lot of folks have done this one, so I’m catching up. But it’s the get-tagged-from-someone with 5 words, talk about them at length and then when folks comment and ask, give them 5 words.

Retro Sounds

I was sitting here thinking about the music of my space, the sounds I listen to every day, and realized that like other retro, some things are long gone. Do you remember these sounds? * The “clatter and crunch” of a cassette tape going into a Walkman. * The “two-tone buzz” of a floppy being […]

So this is where I spent the last four days. Yosemite is damned impressive. I knew this, so it’s why I took twentythoughts there as part of his visit here from Norway. Like many of the major national parks it is also heavily visited. It’s also listed as a world heritage site, and has lodges […]


“These escape sequences are \e[7m to begin highlighting, and \e[m to end it. (\e is Perl’s regex and string short-hand for the ASCII escape character, which behings these ANSI escape sequences.)” Grab the book nearest you. Right now. * Turn to page 56. * Find the fifth sentence. * Post that sentence and these instructions. […]

Retro – I always wanted one

Dear Internet….

I rarely do this sort of thing, so please excuse the action, but it’s well worth it in this case: I know a Windows-typed ESX systems administrator who has done large-scale (Fortune 25) company work and who is looking for employment. He’s in the Philly/NJ/NYC metro area, and as most tech people in that area […]

Anthrocon: Short Summary

Summary stuff: – It was awesome to see old friends. – It was just as awesome to meet new ones. – It was both good and bad to be off staff, but great to be back. – It was an incredible con. 3776 attendees, 640 fursuits in the parade. AC seems to really be growing […]

Imrovements in computer component sizes

Excellent progress in computer component sizes. And I’m now off to AC.