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August 2009

IT work

I installed a new corporate firewall at work. Traffic has already been reduced.

This morning’s nifty:

For those who enjoy a good beer, this will be humorous. To combat a shrinking market, Bud is raising their prices. People will drink more because of that, right? If you’re like me, you need to read this and remember it: “No more yes. It’s either HELL YEAH! or no.” Souce code to the guidance […]

7:00pm. SJSU quad. Free orchestra concert by the San Jose Symphony of movie scores by John Williams.

I wonder if anyone here can recommend some good graphing software. I need to layout some data in small multiples as well as parallel linear graphs. It would like to dress up some of the colors as well. Short of building my own graphs in Excel and Photoshop, are there better options?

Ha! Buggery

I know this is too many tech posts in a row, but still. Someone just filed a bug on PHP 5.3 because they have goto: http://bugs.php.net/bug.php?id=48669 Quoted from the report: Expected result: —————- The world will end. Actual result: ————– The world ended.


I downloaded and played with MenuetOS today. Very nifty. A fully graphical hand-coded assembler OS with web support and other bits. Fits on a floppy. They say that any sufficiently out-of-date technology or skill becomes an art. This thing certainly inches back towards a long lost line and might as well be art. Fun stuff. […]


Ok. So Perl has a remarkably plastic synax that allows you to “think” (IE: code in) the syntaxes of C, awk, shell, FORMs and a few other things. It’s a subtle thing, but incredibly useful for people who just want to get things done. The wide variety of acceptable syntaxes can give some language purists […]

The definition of surreal

Finding that most of the people you know (excluding relatives) in a state some 2,000 miles away, somehow ended up sharing a semi-monthly gaming night. That’s freaky.

Your favorite 80’s hits!

… done in Ragtime. He’s obviously screwing around for fun, but I have to admit that watching the hands of a ragtime player is oddly mesmerizing. Thanks to cuprohastes for finding this.

Remembering the bad old days…

Disney is releasing another Miyazaki film to theaters. Man, that is light years away from where anime started. I’m pretty sure that in the next few years, kids will not believe the bad-old-days of handing around VHS multi-generation copies of fan-subbed anime ever existed. But while there are a few of you that remember those […]