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September 2009


Original character development sheets of the ESSO tiger and they story behind his development over at: http://todaysinspiration.blogspot.com/2009/06/bob-jones-and-esso-tiger.html

More good reading.

http://www.cindyalvarez.com/blog/decisionmaking/you-dont-get-to-define-quality I wish I could convince more people of this idea. “You don’t get to define quality, your customer does.” http://www.joelonsoftware.com/items/2009/09/23.html Joel calls it “Duck Tape Programmer” — but I don’t think I like the term. “Practical programmer” is better. And we need more of them.

12 facts about startup entrepreneurs that may surprise you

http://onstartups.com/home/tabid/3339/bid/10561/12-Facts-About-Entrepreneurs-That-Will-Likely-Surprise-You.aspx I think the age ranges and family stats are rather surprising.

Do you have PORK FU?!

And the technology grinds to a halt

One of the coworkers keeps finding ants in his cubes. All work has ceased. It must be a Monday 🙂

It makes me wish I had a good camera.

Managing your geek team

Awesome article: “The unspoken truth about managing geeks.” It pretty much covers where a lot of IT stereotypes come from: reactions to poor organizational treatment. A very sharp article I wish I could get more than a few managers to read.

A couple of meme’s

A vital meme about health care: No one should die because they cannot afford healthcare. No one should go broke because they get sick, and no one should be tied to a job because of pre-existing condition. If you agree, please post this to your journal. And a vital meme about health care: No one […]

Cool stuff!

This is a great way of illustrating many of the common problems that software developers run into on a daily basis. A wonderful read: If Architects had to work like software developers And this is something I’m going to try to clean up my handwriting. Retune what I learned from cursive to print quickly in […]

Hey you frikking maker science geeks! I’m sitting at the base of a 3,000 foot tall granite wall. How strong of a laser projector would one need to play a game of pong with this as the backboard? And how hard is it to get a laser projector that powerful? It is accessible by car. […]