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October 2009


Music was awesome. The roommates came out and enjoyed the concert. I think we did a great job and hope it sounds as good on the CD. A few problems with the horn may have generated a bit of a futzed attack here or there, but I think I have that cleaned out now. I […]

Music this Sunday

The OWO (http://www.ohlonewindorchestra.org/) is going to have their opening concert of the season this Sunday afternoon. Selections include works by John Williams (including the Harry Potter suite), some English folk tune pieces, a broadway selections number, and the Jaeger solo concerto for percussion. This is going to be a good concert. This is one of […]


The shattering of the internet

I’m getting annoyed at the internet shattering. Really I am. I think you know what I mean. A few years back there was one major site for this. One major site for that. Now it seems like a regular part of my day is split between randomly sorted groups. Some folks I know are in […]

Some nice person decided my van needed 1 less window. Maybe the alarm scared them away from taking anything else. Or maybe they just wanted to break a window. Gotta love the people in this valley sometimes.

Happy music…

Downloaded a pile of digitized 78s. It’s been sweet Jazz all morning.

It’s simple!

Bossman: Can you possibly build a quick database schema for these data files? The DBA wants to charge for a few hours over the weekend for it. Me: Sure boss! That’s a quick command line. (Types out) echo > temp.sql; for file in *.tab; do echo $file | sed -e’s/.*\.\(.*\)\.tab/create table \1 (/’ >> temp.sql; […]

Hello LJ. It’s been a while. Work might be changing soon. I’ve got a lot of neat stuff I should be working on. And I’d like a few days off. More later 🙂