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November 2009

It certainly reads online like the world went to MWFF. And bravo for them for making it to the decade age of a con. I had no plans for MWFF, but had a great time here in the valley. Due to a fluke of governmental plane booking, astor_apatosaur ended up here for the weekend and […]

Charitable Work

I’ve worked for a few charities in the past and now find my mornings taken up this week and last doing online charitable work. Fund raising for a cause is an odd combination of emotions and social skills. You want to passively implore someone to help without making them feel guilty. You want to make […]


Apparently playing the Banana Splits theme in your cube causes co-workers to cease working and stare. Awesome.

Generation gap anyone?


The day, she is scattered and scatterbrained. – Started a side project this weekend to help a friend out in need. Have been quietly trying to pass the word around into places I think it should go. So far it seems to be starting ok. – Swapped the ancient workstation at work with a Fit […]


Ok. This post is locked to basically everyone on my friends list except unclekage and the groups he frequents. Please read: www.furfolk.com For those who don’t know, Kage’s condo was partly destroyed by water damage in September. After talking with several friends who also know him, we’re taking up a collection for him. Please leave […]


This is what I do in my spare time and for sanity: Duel of Fates (MP3) Molly On The Shore (MP3) Two clips from last weekend. The concert had a little of everything in between this: death struggle music from John Williams and a devilishly difficult Irish Reel from around 1900.

two plus two is two-ty two.

I’ve been having some interesting fun of late. I’ve been trying to get all the various mini-business ideas I have together and have their receipts nicely organized for tax time. Goodness help me, I am trying to do some proper accounting and draw up balance sheets. One of these days, I’ll have a CPA. Anyway, […]

Dear Cowboy Admin in my department: Making changes without telling the rest of the team is the problem. It’s not the small you-should-have-known-better mistake that you did and apologized for. Your apartment is on the way to work. If I have to be up at 3am again for this type of problem, I might fix […]