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January 2010


Dear news media…

Even the mighty can fall: http://www.dailyfinance.com/story/media/sad-violins-philadelphia-orchestra-may-file-for-bankruptcy/19330720/ Philadelphia Orchestra may have to file for bankruptcy.


Happy Bubble Wrap Appreciation Day: http://www.fast-pack.com/bubblewrapappreciation.html



I have trouble taking compliments. Part of it is a confidence issue (if I don’t believe I have done good, how can I believe others telling me it) and part of it is just not knowing how to deal with it socially. Music is something I do outside of work, and outside of most of […]

Grinding gears.

Some days, it seems it is really REALLY hard to get my head in gear. I’ve been in a great mood coming off of vacation and am trying to hold it together and keep myself engaged at work. Also trying to catch up on a lot of RL things that slid by on the way. […]

It hurts my head.

Travel wrap up

So after our bad day attempting to escape Nebraska, things seemed to have gotten better…

The longest winter of my life I spent one day in Nebraska.

I started this travelogue so people could get a feel for what happens when you take a long train an also for my own journal and memories. From that perspective, yesterday I got to see what happens when things don’t go well for a train versus a plane.