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February 2010


Some of you know I like transformation stuff and part of that touches on a like of werewolf stuff since I was a kid. I had some fun catching the remake of the Wolfman, though I get the feeling they backed down the gore at the last minute. Anyway…. if you haven’t seen this making […]

Kicking it old school.

I have been spending the last few days in the highs and lows of job searching. I talked a lot of the job side, but haven’t really covered the other. I’ve spent the usual hours on end of resting my mind and feelings by killing pixels or sleeping. And for the first time in ages […]

When it rains, it pours.

Job searches are that way. You’ll have depressive days and days on end without a single peep. And then you’ll have 2 companies trying to talk to you multiple times in a day. I think part of it is the work week and weather. You might get a schedule call on a Monday. But if […]

The Physics of Curling

For those who may be interested, some of the physics behind curling: http://scienceblogs.com/builtonfacts/2010/02/the_physics_of_curling.php?utm_source=networkbanner&utm_medium=link

On job searches and bad metaphors.

A few years ago, I decided I wanted to have a bit more control of my career. I had, until that point, basically went wherever I was taken in the moment. I ran a job until it was done and hopped to the next. I forget what spawned the thought, but I recall reading someone […]

Cleaning out the desk

Somewhere in the fun of the last week, I lost track of time. As can happen when you’re jobless or working for a small company I was surprised to find that today was Saturday. As Sue mentioned in one of her posts, I’ve been straightening my desk and computer at home. And I have been. […]

Phrase Modulation

Usually I have about a dozen books at my desk at work. Most of them are essential references to my job, the usual O’Reilly or other guides that are not uncommon at any tech persons desk. Also, I will have two or three “mousetrap” books. These are books that are nifty in some odd way […]

Darwin Day

Petition to recognize Feb 12 (The day “Origin of the Species” hit print) as “Darwin Day” : http://bit.ly/9h48ez