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March 2010

Writing tips

Writing tips from the greats: http://bighow.com/news/the-art-of-great-writing-60-writing-tips-from-6-alltime-great-writers

“so much blood…”

For one reason or another I couldn’t recall where the stunned phrase of “so much blood..” had gotten stuck into my pop culture index. Of course, it was XKCD:

Humble moments.

At the last music rehearsal I went to, I found out three more of my friends have been pink-slipped. Two are very talented teachers who are being bumped by seniority rights in the current budget cuts in CA. The other is a tech manager who was laid off. I know of many people who are […]

Was a good day.

I spent a good day out and about today. Part of that was hitting a local farm and buying some tomato plant seedlings. Over the last week or two I’ve been sneaking out and prepping the garden plot: turning the soil, weeding, and putting up a trellis. So after picking out some plants, and picking […]

Brain is mush

So week before last, I interviewed at Yahoo. There are two specific groups interested in me, so the in-person interview turned out to be an all-day 10-person or so affair. I’ve conducted many interviews and have been through a few. It’s bee fun learning the lexicon and timbre of how they happen in the valley […]

Decision tree

You remember the scene in the Star Trek movie where Kirk tells Spock to guess because he trusts his guess more than anyone else? Choosing between jobs makes me feel like Spock in that scene. My friends always say helpful things like “you know what you’re doing” or “you always make good decisions.” I’m glad […]

Interested in some modern music?

The spring concert is rolling around for the Ohlone Wind Orchestra. (OWO) That’s the “top” band I play in and some days I’m amazed they let me in the door. Damn are they good. Specifically, it is at 6pm this Sunday, March 7th, at the Smith Center on the Ohlone College Campus in Freemont. Details […]

Feel like your days are rushed and you’re trying to cram more in? Well.. it’s because the day is shorter. The Chile earthquake may have shortened the earth’s time of rotation: http://news.yahoo.com/s/space/20100302/sc_space/chileearthquakemayhaveshorteneddaysonearth So just relax and remember these good tips to avoid burnout from MIT on your shortened schedule: http://www.zianet.com/wpickens/jokes/mit.html

So… is it science?

I have a bachelor of science degree in media arts and design from a 2nd tier college in Virginia. In academic terms, that means I might be able to wipe my own ass if I was given sufficient instruction and supervision from a doctoral candidate in a respectable field. Since my start was in an […]