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May 2010

The musical voices in my head

I remember somewhere in the deep dark past of LJ that I linked to this track as an rough approximate for the noise that goes on in my head when I’m idle. While that does a fair representation of my mind when left to it’s own devices, I think that this track roughly approximates the […]


For the last… I dunno … 9 days or so I have been absolutely booked day and night. Work has been overlaid with two gigs at once and all of my music groups had performances. I literally had full-days at work and something going on every night. Tonight is the final exclamation point. I have […]

Typography pun.

1 down, 2 to go.

Last night’s concert was excellent. I only boffed one short solo in the development passage of Joh William’s “The Cowboys” overture. It’s a busy piece and I doubt anyone noticed. I was surprised how well an old standby like Frank Perkins’ “Fandango” played down and the closer (Leroy anderson arrangement of 76 Trombones) came off […]

Furry Music Video

Found by ! Real furries in a real music video? http://link.brightcove.com/services/player/bcpid1811456849?bctid=83431622001 Awesome.

Busy week

This week I have three concerts, two dress rehearsals, and a standard rehearsal. Monday I have a final recording session. And then it is all done for the summer. For folks who might want to attend them: * The Ohlone Community Band is doing a very traditional pops-style concert on Wednesday night. Flyer here. *The […]

You know you have thought about doing this….

train wreck

Lawrence Welk … soul music … 1981. It’s like watching a train wreck. You can’t look away.

Mechanical type people

I know the internet is full of very talented people out there. While I have done a fair amount of wood-working in my youth, when it comes to metalworking and electronics I am a bit at a loss. I have a project that involves actuating valves on 1 inch PVC piping. The piping is only […]

Hey you make-stuff type people and other science folks….

This sound file is supposedly of a pitch that should end up at about 14.5 hertz. That would be the Bb a little under an octave off the bottom of a piano. You know… a whole tone below the common 32′ pipe organ stop. Anyone got an oscillator to confirm? Or a pipe organ to […]