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June 2010

Mental music!

If I could crack open my head, this is what this day has sounded like: Bevete piu’ Latte (It’s from the Italian equivalent of our “Drink Milk.”) There. Now it can be stuck in your skull for a while.

New Toy!

Can haz new toy! Isn’t it beautiful? Its baby brother is next to it. They are such a wonderful blend of 18th, 19th and 20th century technologies. So many shiny gears and levers. Put these suckers in my car and it doubles in value. I hope to have it overhauled in time to play on […]

“I’m in the flat part that gets all the sun with the mountains around it…”

So… Phoenix arizona gets hot. It’s a middling mix between San Jose and burning man. At least weather-wise. I hear that during a heat wave out here, when it gets above 120 F, they have to shut down the airport because the planes don’t generate enough lift to take off, and the tires melt on […]

Mmm… 1st amendment coffee.

Hey look…. a “disappearing civil liberties” coffee cup. Add hot coffee and the rights just fade away…


Earlier this year I was asked to “help out with a tune” by friends who play in a local orchestra. Last night I downloaded the recording of the performance and listened through it. Ah, Mahler. “Help out a little on a tune” turned out to be 52 minutes of stage-time. I’ve not played his 1st […]

The bitter point of work

I’ve had a few posts I’ve been wanting to make, but when it comes to time to write them up the muse seems to falter and I stare at an empty screen for a bit. I was reminded of this idea last night, and I find myself pondering more on it. The secret of getting […]


A summary of how different languages mimic animal sounds: http://www.eleceng.adelaide.edu.au/Personal/dabbott/animal.html

Wouldn’t it be neat…

I think it would be neat if there was some polite social cue that could be used to let someone know that the story they are animatedly telling you they have told you before. This happens occasionally and I always find it hard to find a good social out to it that doesn’t fluster the […]