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September 2010

I’ve had days like this…

Wouldn’t that be awesome…

It’s a small chance. We’re looking into it. And if it works out, I will do my best to convince folks to do it. It’ll be 2 years from now if we schedule it. But there’s a chance that one of the music groups I play in will perform in Carnegie hall. Wouldn’t that be […]


“Documentation is like sex: when it’s good, it’s very very good; and when it’s bad, it’s still better than nothing.” – Dick Brandon, quoted in Perl Best Practices p. 132

Talking and pointing

On the current contract, one of my deliverables is a series of lectures on a VMware product called “Lab Manager.” That’s right, I’m teaching again! We have some canned class material provided from VMware in the form of powerpoint decks. I really don’t like powerpoint. Often it is information starvation. You cannot convey complex subjects […]

What font should I use…

An absolutely awesome flowchart on what font to select from insirationlab. Click on the image to see the full chart in all its glory: Yanked from: http://inspirationlab.wordpress.com/2010/04/16/so-you-need-a-typeface/

You’ve got to prime the pump…

Nope. No social lesson here. Still, a great tune from the Kingston Trio:

Good Design

A wonderful video example of good engineering and how it reflects back on coding.

Testing a new post.

First crosspost testing to Live Journal from Wordpress. First “journal” entry in Wordpress. And talking a little about why I did it.

Zombie Jamboree

Visuals are a recombination from Hellsing. Audio is Rockapella ripping off the Kingston trio… “It was a zombie jamboree….”