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November 2010

Thank you!

Thanks to all of your for your wonderful and kind thoughts about the wedding. It has been a blast so far. Work has had me busy, and I’ll post more soon. In the mean time, thanks!

The surprise!

So you might have seen on Sue’s journal or my journal an hint of a surprise or cool upcoming project. Now that the right people have been notified personally, we can post more. Most of you know Sue and I are a couple. Several years ago, before Christmas, I asked Sue for her hand in […]

Taking care of bidness…

So last night I pretended to be Mr. Businessman. The job has me on the road, and they pick up the tab on food. Next to my hotel is an Outback Steakhouse. I usually eat at “local” joints when I travel and shun the chains, but for some odd reason I had a hankering for […]

This is what I do for fun!

I am always a little worried when I post my music on this journal. I tend to assume that most folks don’t care about it. In some ways it’s being that geeky kid back in school again: I assume that aside from the rest of the band geeks that no one else could possibly be […]

VMware Guest OS Ids

A lot of the VMware APIs required guest id’s to label the OSes. And yet, I can’t find a white paper anywhere that lists the full list of them. This capture was buried on a community thread, so I am including it here for my own future usage. If it helps you out too, then […]