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January 2011

How do you spell “wolf”?

As you might guess from the scores I mentioned when I described the conbadge drinking game, I’ve scored all of the badge names I’ve handled over the years. I wasn’t about to review all 6500+ names by hand. I programmed something to score things. After all, I had time to kill as the badges printed. […]

Fact… or Fiction?

Bennie drinks his milk!

The furry con-badge drinking game.

As part of the setup for registration for Anthrocon, I would print all the pre-registered badges and signup sheets. This was usually a period of several days of feeding badges through printers and checking the finish. Then there’d be a big sorting party where the badges were broken into their various bins by category. This […]

How could programming a reg system be hard?

I spent some time at FC chatting with someone who helped them with their reg system. We commiserated on a few things, and talked of each others successes. It was fun. It is funny how a simple problem can actually be quite complex. One of the most basic things a registration system does is capture […]

Need any VMware integration help? or Linux admin work?

So, for my day job I work for a large consulting job. A lot of our work centers around VMware and the various cloud tech. I’ve done work at fortune 100 companies, done education sessions on their products, and have done integration work on their lab and production software. Additionally, I’m a fairly extensively experienced […]

Cool Software of the moment.

I remember a while back in here I posted my “top ten” favorite shareware applications and OS X software. I figure and update for some of the new things would be interesting: Hex Fiend – A fast, simple, native Hex editor for the Mac. Evernote – A simple note-taking program that lets you organize written, […]

Rarely heard recording advice.

For those of you who want to eventually end up in professional recording of music, here’s a nugget of advice you’ll probably never use: When recording a funk sousaphone, have the player check the felts in the valves so you don’t hear them clicking on the solo passages: Example tune: Dead Dog in the Street […]

Counting Votes

It’s interesting that the whole “evil union” thing is making airplay right now. It’s an easy political “evil other” to play up and blame on ills. The history of labor in the US is it’s own amazing corner, but nothing in the current discussion is really getting to anything accurately. It reminds me about a […]

Christmas Break!

I had no idea how much down time I needed. This Christmas break has been wonderful. I’ve been a bit of an antisocial lump, but oh man, has it been so nice. I’ve got some stuff to post, but in the mean time, something cool: A TED talk on how people aren’t tone deaf and […]