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February 2011

Oh…so THAT’s the Black Swan.

You know, usually when I talk about people on stage dancing around while pretending to be animals, folks think I’m talking about the latest convention and it’s masquerade. But in this case it was a little different. I went to the ballet this weekend and watched Swan Lake. First off, for those who are curious: […]


Memes don’t seem to go around much anymore, but what they hey? Let me know if you guys find an animal name, variation, or whatnot that should be caught and I’ll add it. The awesome art was provided by Susandeer. The Furry ConBadge Drinking Game My badgenameBennieis worth0 drinks! It looks like you’ve got a […]

Piano Lessons

Interested in brushing up on those piano lessons you had had as a kid? Live in the silicon valley area? This person is awesome: http://takelessons.com/profile/linda-c

Smash-up job postings.

I always find these humorous. Companies, when they have a job-opening, sometimes get into “kitchen sink” mode. Where they throw every single institutional need into a single listing. Oddly enough, most companies don’t actually want to pay for what they are asking for. I saw tons of these in Philadelphia in the bio-tech area: Little […]