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May 2011

I even made it look like it was done on a crappy photocopy…

Creative urges strike here and there. I don’t know why. The joy is occasionally following them. I hate updating my resume. I don’t normally like self-promotion, and to try and recall and distill your work to a few sentences is annoying at best. So rather than being stuck with big resume updates each job shift, […]

It’s 5pm somewhere.

Macallan’s Cask Strength is my new favorite liquor. It’s sort of like soda-syrup is to a soda. It’s the undiluted scotch from the cask. Very concentrated and intense. Simply awesome. Give it a try if you’re looking for something interesing.


Cool and Obscure Unix tools: http://kkovacs.eu/cool-but-obscure-unix-tools

A small rant on “top priority.”

“Please email them directly, high importance.” This was what I asked to do by a coworker. And for a moment I struggled to hold my tongue. I don’t know why this rubs me the wrong way. I remember seeing the feature of setting an email “priority” flag back in what must have been some ancient […]

Small milestones.

This March I crossed a milestone in my finances. For the first time in about 15 years, I have more money saved in various forms than I owe. It’s been a long dig out. But I’m making headway.