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October 2013

Upcoming Concert

I don’t necessarily publicize all the concerts I play in. I do this for a few reasons. #1 I recognize that not all concerts that are fun to play are necessarily fun to listen to. (Especially for some modern works.) And #2 I would be posting lots of times because I tend to play in […]

“DevOps” washing…

I work for the professional services division of a company that is mostly a storage reseller. (VAR) What this means is there is often a desire to package up services that people like me can provide along with the hardware that we sell. The professional services side is often a nice add on. Think of […]

Today’s mischief – ROMAN DEATH!

Today’s mischief is brought to you by the line-noise that you can compile: Perl! You can add this code ANYWHERE in an executing perl stack. (a module, a referenced library, an inherited base class, etc) Then at any point the perl application warns() or dies() and shows the accompanying error, the line number is shown […]

DevOps Days – Silicon Valley 2013

I let the whole journaling thing go for a while, so I think I should fill a few key things back in. Most of my work of late has centered around the DevOps movement and related technologies. In many ways, it’s providing terms and frameworks for stuff that I have long know was “the right […]

The Planets – Tympani cam view

I forgot to post about this from last fall. Merlin Patterson arranged the complete Holst suite “The Planets” for wind ensemble. We got a preview copy. I had also recently purchased a GoPro camera. So I left it sitting on a stand at the back during the concert. So here is a Tympani-eye view of […]

*tap tap* Is this thing on?

Let’s see if this thing still works. Anyone there? Anyone still watching this? 🙂