Dain Bramage!

It’s friday! It’s Friday! It’s Friday! Did I mention it’s Friday?

Most of the folks I know in the area seem either comitted to being out of the area for the long weekend and/or already have commitments in the area. It looks like this weekend might be just me and the hoss with intermittent appeareances of the ‘pattysaur.

So why am I still mentally freaking out about this weekend? I have a pops concert Saturday. Not that many folks I know will be there, stage fright is always a fun thing. Especially when there is only one rehearsal for the music 2 hours before the actual concert. Especially when they’ve asked you to cover another book (Bassoon) that you will be sight reading in the wrong cleff and key in concert. Man.

Still, a stressful day of music is better than a good day at work.

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