Vulpsturm, the way cool third roommate of the house, found a bit of sadness last night. Out in the street at the end of our driveway, one of our foxes had evidently been hit by a car and was dead in the road.

I have mentioned the wildlife around my house before on this journal, but I don’t know if anyone really follows. I do not know if this is one of the two kits that were playing in my yard two years ago, or the fox I saw slinking down the driveway this spring.

Rather than letting the body decay in the street or get turned into a road stain, Vulp gathered it up and brought it back up to the house. He then dug it a nice grave around back by the tree edge and laid it in it. Gideon and I dropped by to look at it. It seemed rather peaceful, almost asleep, in the way he had laid it in the hole. It’s tail covering it’s nose as if it was asleep.

I headed off to bed and Vulp finished the burial and covered it with bricks to discourage critters from digging it up. Ah well. Life goes on and hopefully the fox is in some better place now.

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  1. ferine says:

    *Holds you comfortingly*… that’s so sad to hear, luv.

    The fox is being harrassed by Reemul now. >:-)


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