I’m posting this in the King of Prussia Apple store.

All the wonderful toys….


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  1. doco says:

    Awww. Poor kitty.

    Here, have an apple. 😉

  2. murasadramon says:

    I was there last night. ^_^

    We call the “Candy Story” most appropriately. I love going in there and OOGLING fantastic Apple monitors.

  3. susandeer says:

    It’s the…wait for it… iCandy Store! *cry!*

  4. susandeer says:

    I know! *weep!* *picks up the pink iPod and the ring-shaped speaker it mounts to* Soooon, my Precioussssss….

  5. mongologue says:



  6. murasadramon says:

    Ack. I just noticed my typo now. ARGH! I need to begin proof reading my LJ responses. They’re starting to make me look bad!

    But yeah, you almost have to wonder why Apple hasn’t *MADE* candy called iCandy, and selling it at their stores. They seem to pioneer every OTHER nifty thing on the planet. Ol’ Steve Jobs already Wonkafied his production. He may as well go the extra step.

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