But do you have to take it for a walk…

SusanDeer whispers, “Your clarinet is ready for pick up from DeVoe’s” to you.

You say, “Yay!”

You say, “My clarinet is ready to come back from the instrument-vet!”

You say, “Now Sue, we’ll need to put the new clarinet in one room and close
the door so the old-one can get used to the new-one’s scent before we let
them meet each other”

SusanDeer nods!

You say, “Did the store mention if the new clarinet was sheet-music trained or

SusanDeer says, “It’s a professional grade, came with papers, so it should be.”

You say, “Great. It’s been a while since I got a pedigree instrument.”

Triggur peers

3 Responses to “But do you have to take it for a walk…”

  1. animakitty says:


    That really deserves an eyeroll. So here it is! 9,9
    And good luck with your new claripet. ;K)

  2. unclekage says:

    Oooooh, lucky tiger! I really wish I had gotten a fine claret for Christmas. Mmmm!

  3. stonephox says:

    That’s really very funny. But remember, it’s not just for Christmas!

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