To quote mrbearguy: Pong is so philosophical.

So it’s been raining for the last week solid. A dull, grey misty, wet, cold day. It seems that this time of year the weather from the Cascades gets bored, leaves Seattle, and decides to visit Philly for a week. Most folks never look forward to freezing weather. Man, this wet weather sure makes you look forward to it. Yeah, you’re cold, but at least you’re dry and the ground is solid again.

We’re at that wonderful stage of the year where you get early winter skies. Trees without leaves pressed against the stark background of liquid blue skies with big puffy clouds. In many ways this reminds me of college. The shenandoah valley had the most wonderful skies. I miss the beauty of that. It’s nice to get it back now and then and be reminded how beautiful the world is.

The deer are wandering into the yard more often. They’re looking for higher ground so they don’t have to wallow in the mud of the forest. And of course, being fall they’re a little er… interested in each other. Apparently one of our guests got a show going up the driveway. Hehe.

11 Responses to “Kerpong.”

  1. “The deer are wandering into the yard more often”

    Yea? They’re also running into my goddamn CAR!

  2. sabrewing says:

    At least you’re not trying to find some kind of spiritual truth in the Arfenhouse series. 🙂

  3. Phil says:

    Aw nuts! Did Kit Jr. bite it?

  4. shaterri says:

    I can guarantee you that the drizzly grey has *not* left Seattle. You must have, like, its evil twin or something. Which isn’t to say that I don’t feel for you, believe me!

  5. The scanner light did. The guy from State Farm is coming tomorrow to apraise the damage. Does “act of Deer” get filed under “act of god?”

  6. beoweasel says:

    I wonder what Sue’s opinion was on the deer ;D *ahem* anyways…

    the weather here has been odd as of late, we’ve been getting clear blue skies, then suddenly, fierce thunderstorms out of nowhere, followed by pounding winds. But hey, winter is coming, and thats my favorite season^_^

  7. susandeer says:

    Well, he was nice, but it was over too fast and he wasn’t my usual ty-…Uhh… I mean…

    I didn’t see em. I heard about em from the eye-witness!

  8. It came close. The value of my Neon is around $4,000
    The State Farm agent came an hour ago and is giving us $3,514.

    The next step is that we take it to a body shop, they tear the broken body panals off and have a look at the guts of the car and figure hout how banged-up it is on the inside.

    What happens if the cost to repair it, is greater than $3,514?

  9. beoweasel says:

    *snert* I don’t know whats better, the portrait or your response! XD

  10. Phil says:

    You have the shop argue with the state farm rep, I think. Though I’m surprised that they didn’t just total the car.

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