Speedometer yesterday: 171717
Check writted a month ago: 1111

Does anyone else get fascinated or notice such things? I mean, I find myself driving and actually calculating the next time I might have a pallindrome on my speedometer.

I remember seeing a special as a kid about a certain kind of mental disorder where people get locked into strange counting exercises. Such as having to flip off a light switch a certain number of times to equal usage with the other light switches in the house. While the logic might seem a simple thought these people would get locked into intense periods of counting as they flipped the switch some 40 times while moving about their dailiy activites.

I wonder if that’s the same impulse everyone else has. Or if I’m just a little cracked in the skull. 🙂

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  1. animakitty says:

    I’d say…


    You’ve seen What About Bob, right? :K)

  2. duncanroo says:

    171717 isn’t a palindrome. It’s just a cool pattern.

    Now, 1717171…that’s a palindrome.

    — Duncan

  3. skippyfox says:

    Hehe…I am hoping you mean ‘odometer,’ or were you actually going 171,717 mph?

    Well, the repeated light-switching thing is a symptom of Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder. I know furs who have that. My coworker has a mild form of it. But even though I don’t show any visible signs of it afaik, I still notice those crazy odometer readings.

    This week I keep glancing down and seeing 266?2, where ? is the number in the tens place that will probably be 6 today. There’s another goddamn palindrome every 100 miles. But it’s not limited to that. I’ll see 26622, for example, and think, “Full house!” or even 26332, “OMG two pair!” Well…not with that much excitement, but it’s enough to distract me from the road.

    I’m sure it’s not related to OCD. It’s most likely just a geek thing. 🙂

  4. skippyfox says:

    Oh yes. And on my brother’s 22nd birthday, the date will be 11|11|11. 😀

  5. athelind says:

    I think everyone STARTS OUT with a little Obsessive/Compulsive disorder. Kids tend to like patterns, rhythms, and little rituals. Some of that always stays with people. I laced my shoes in the same over-under pattern from the time I was 3 until my mid-30s — but that was about the only real “ritual” of that nature I had.

    But seeing patterns, and watching out for them? Oh yeah. EVERYONE does that.

  6. mongologue says:

    I like it when the numbers on the odometer form some sort of pattern, indeed. Right now they’re at 079993,, and I’m sure tonight I’ll be watching for 079997, then 080000, then 080008,, then .. because you can ‘forget’ that first 0, or add it, as one likes..

    Mind you, I’ll not glance at my odometer for weeks at at shot, but it’s nice to spot ‘meaningful’ numbers.


  7. zero_wolfe says:

    Time Obsession

    I sometimes have a strange impulse to look at my watch exactly on the hour, meaning I see the 59:59 switch to 00:00. It’s like there’s a timer in my head telling me to look. I practiced counting seconds as a kid a lot until I got a pretty exact feel for that length of time. It helped in conducting class when we had to set a 120 Sousa beat, at least. 🙂

  8. stonephox says:

    Damn, Duncan stole my smartass comment.

  9. stonephox says:

    Excuse the double post, but i remembered something you may find interesting:

    My sister will be Eighteen on the 6th day of the 6th month 2006. And what is six plus six plus six?


    And yes, she is pretty evil at times. 🙂

  10. skippyfox says:

    Hehe. I always make a big event out of rolling over 10000, 20000, 25000, etc.

    When the car was relatively new, I missed ‘1337’ by a few miles and was REALLY pissed at myself for forgetting to look down and witness it!

    However, I’m not far from 31337 right now, and I don’t plan on missing it. 😀

  11. mongologue says:

    *chuckles* Oh, 1337 never really entered my mind on odometer. Although, on http://homokaasu.org/killeveryone/ , I was muchly enthused to get to 1337357 kills. 🙂


  12. sirfox says:

    Human beings have several million years of evolution behind us, where our brains have been trained to recognize patterns. It’s a survival trait. Learning that when the grass moves like that, it means there’s a lion hiding there, for instance. The trouble is, we developed culture, and that evolves MUCH faster than biology does. The world we’re in now makes very little use of that kind of skill, in the way it initially evolved, and so we notice patterns in things around us, even when there isn’t any actual pattern or meaning. (like getting the idea that your iPod likes the dave matthews band on random shuffle more than other bands… you just notice it more when it comes up randomly, and say AHA! SEE!!!)

    I think some of OCD is that portion of your brain going a little haywire, and needing to create those patterns in order to feel comfortable.

  13. rattuskid says:

    My odometer is getting near 252525… but I’m more concerned with the fact that the car has a quarter of a million miles on it rather than any pattern.

    At 170,000, maybe you should see it that way too.

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