Goal for lunchtime

I need to get to the bank and turn this into something usable for the paying of debts.

Any guesses as to how much is in there? That’s about 3 gallons of change. So far gideon_hoss guessed $5 (he must be trying to underbid the showcase) and my coworker Frank finally guessed $424.93 after switching it a few times.

I wonder how much it will actually be.

(Added this afternoon)

Co-workers have all guessed:

$200.00 – Chip
$285.00 – Pat
$374.00 – Kevin
$424.93 – Frank
$450.00 – Joel
$516.00 – Kenny

17 Responses to “Goal for lunchtime”

  1. Bite the bullet and do the coin star thing

  2. Phil says:

    Nope. I hear Commcerce bank does itr for free. Even for non-account holders. I’m not giving 8.9% to those folks when I can get it for 0% 🙂

  3. drleo says:

    Yeah. Absolutely. Don’t use Coinstar. Lots of banks will let you use the machine for free.

  4. griffinwolf says:

    Well, my mother managed to put together $80+ with a piggy bank that maybe held a quart’s volume in change….

    I’ll guestimate around $210.

  5. $777.77

    Does the closest without going over win a can of Diddley Squat?

    “Johnny, tell them what they’ve won!”
    “You’ve won Diddley Squat! Yes, that’s right, Diddley Squat! One size fits all, tons of uses, fun in a can, it’s Diddley Squat!”

  6. nyc_coyote says:

    $378.53 give or take. See, I can hit random numbers on the keypad too. 🙂

    Funny, my change bottle doesn’t seem to get any fuller. Could have something to do with my dipping into it occasionally. But hey, mine is a giant Mt.Dew bottle and so much cooler than yours. :p

  7. tracerj says:

    12,970 Thai Baht.

  8. giza says:

    Depends on how much of that is quarters. I’d guess upwards of $500.

  9. pholph says:

    What we don’t see, is the balloon he stuck in the bottle to take up space, and just put coins all around it…


  10. mongologue says:

    Just as a note: Every casino in the world will let you use their coin-dumpers with a penny-jar jug.


  11. 8 million…Yen. Okay, okay, a real guess: $324.17

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