I think it’s far enough away from FC now.

Right after FC, half of LJ seemed to be posting about the good or bad time they had at FC and the other half of LJ seemed to be either angsting over these posts or plugging their ears and posting “Lalalalala!” to compete. So I held off on posting about this, so it could stand on its own.

After FC, Sue and I took a week and visited Trig at his house out in Colorado. He’d been pestering me and Sue to do this for several years, and the opportunity just kinda happened to plant itself. I was surprised that a 2-city airplane trip was about the same price as the single. I think it had something to do with the stopover already being in Denver.

The last time I spent appreciable time in Colorado, I was either 4 or 7. I can’t remember much of the trip, it would have been one of our two cross-country drives. But I do recall being up on the Great Divide. There’s a picture of me in front of the sign somewhere in the old shoe-box at home.

My mental impression of Colorado is what I think most folks have of it. They imagine, well, Donner pass. Snowdrifts that can bury semi’s, temperatures cold enough to circumsize polar bears, etc. It turns out that there are places like that but they’re way the heck up on the mountain range. Trig lives down near the base of the mountains. It was surprisngly warm and nice. Mostly very dry.

Trig and his SO live in an incredible house. Some of you may have seen his basement tour. It hardly does the place justice. They’ve put a lot of work into making a very beautiful, livable, and comfortable home. And they put about the same amount of work into being impeccable hosts. I’ve traveled a lot of places, and this is probably the best visit I have ever done like this. Folks will have a new standard to aspire too.

Trig took some time out of his schedule to show us around to the neighboring towns, and go up it the mountains and see the sights. We ate at a lot of nice places, including a most-excellent restaurant in town. But to be honest, he and his SO cook so wonderfully, the restaurants weren’t as appealing.

Sue and I also got a check to check in on her cousin. She moved away from the family and lives way up in one of those Donner-pass kinda places. A spectacular house and view. It was wonderful to get a chance to meet more of Sue’s family. Hopefully I didn’t come off as uncouth.

There are so many neat little meories out of the visit. Everything from looking for books to shopping in Boulder to hitting the Sonic. At first I was worried about setting aside quite so long of a visit and that we would impose badly. It turned out to be just about right. Thanks Trig!

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  1. animakitty says:


    Did you get to visit Casa Bonita? Or (though the time of year is wrong for it,) the Garden of the Gods?

  2. Anonymous says:

    You still have a standing invitation in Flagstaff you haven’t shown up either and we provide Limo (ahem ok car shuttle service from Phx 😉 )


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