So here is what should probably be the final summary.

I hope this doesn’t get confusing, but you might remember from when you moved in that rent is paid on the active month and bills trail behind into the next statement.

Feb was my last month. Along with everyone else, I paid rent on the first of Feb. Rent on Mar 1 is for you guys to handle.

Throughout this month I paid all the bills that arrived. (Bills trail behind, remember?) So on the link below is the usual PDF for just the bills.

PDF for March (Quick totals: Mark: $143.55; Vulp: $217.60)

After this point, all of the bills that arrive for Fuel Oil, Peco, Verizon, and Direct TV are for you guys. There may be some final shuffles as names change over, but this should pretty much be it.

To make thinks simple and quick, just make your checks out to Sue (Susan Rankin) and she can deposit them with PNC and have stuff clear quick and local.

I think that covers it. Oh yeah, no internet fees or nothing until I can get those last computers and stuff out of there. Feel free to page or follow up here with any questions or such.

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