Blatantly stolen

astor_apatosaur found this pic. Holy crap! Do you see anything wrong with this statement?

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  1. tango says:

    Several things.. all of which I saw when I first saw the picture in person on the local paper 🙂

  2. cooner says:

    Heehee … I remember when this made the rounds …

    Someone at the paper should do a “mother and baby: where are they now?” retrospective 🙂

  3. As a graduate of Virginia Tech (right near Roanoke) I can say that while I see the problem, the picture is sadly typical for the area.

  4. prismo says:

    Someone should photoshop in a boxer punching her in the gut with the word ‘IRONY’ tattooed over his forehead.

  5. griffinwolf says:

    ‘Could I interest you in a death stick?

    “You don’t want to sell me a Deathstick, you wanna go home and rethink your life.”

  6. Yes, worry about the sounds of jackhammers while you put smoke in your unborn child. What a twit.

  7. tombfyre says:

    Yes. Jackhammers will hurt the baby. However, smoking and a probable alcohol addiction won’t be an issue.

  8. catnel says:

    Ciggy, and she doesn’t LOOK 35!! She looks hella older!!! I’m 35 and I DO NOT look like that!!!!! geez… I was mistaken for 23 the other day!

  9. rjtremor says:

    That she’s worrying about jackhammers but she’s smoking? Here I am looking at the cars, the surroundings, and such… and then I notice what she’s holding. o.x I’m sorry to say it probably wouldn’t do much good to save her spawn from being TOO harmed at this point, considering the source.

  10. kyrincat says:

    Sheesh, her priorities are a bit skewed…the cigarette being a much larger threat to her child’s health than the noise. Duh! This is why mentally challenged people should not breed.

    I am now 36, and still get carded when buying lottery tickets, or alcohol for my husband. I suspect the reason is that I neither drink nor smoke…I have a friend who is 3 years older than I am, who does both…she looks like she is 15 years my senior.


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