Silly computers…

Do you remember back in the day when you could buy most computer components with the relative assurance they would work well. And on the rare condition they didn’t you often got a quick refund, even from trade show purchases?

Bleh. Long gone I guess.

4 computers assembled out of the parts for 20 that we bought.

6 out of the 18 memory sticks used and tested thus far are bad.

1 out of 4 of the mother boards may be bad.


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  1. Frys’ is your friend….

    or at least the many surplus stores in weird niches around the Valley…

    Good luck…


  2. rustitobuck says:

    Re: Frys’ is your friend….

    I don’t know how Fry’s is in the Valley, but here in Chicago they have lots of pegs with tags telling you that the part you wanted could have been in stock, once, and may never be in stock again, ever.

    Newegg for the win!

  3. Re: Frys’ is your friend….

    depends on which one—-since there are six in the bay area, you can usually find what you want if that peg is empty. You take the number with you….

    Although when I went to Fry’s in Tempe, AZ this fall, I did see a couple of sections as you described…


  4. palabrajot says:

    The closest parallel we have to a computer store around here is CompUSA. Which is why I go TigerDirect most times. They’ve been quick to ship, quick with 24H phone support, and quick with the refund. Or so my experiences have been.

  5. murasadramon says:

    I’ve had a lot of fantastic luck with computers, except… for memory. I have Kingston HyperX memory, and over time, three of the chips have shorted out and died for no apparent reason.

    The only good thing?

    Kingston has a lifetime warranty. They’ve replaced them for free every time.

  6. sirfox says:

    jeebus. Please tell me who are you buying from, so i never purchase anything from them.

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