I wonder if this is going to just be a weapon in a game or if it will be a puzzle sort of platform. The ending solutions are insane:

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  1. shaterri says:

    That’s a game unto itself — it’s going to be shipping with Halflife Episode 2 in a few weeks ($20 for both), but it’s an independent game, a sort of FPS action puzzler. It was originally a class project for a group of students at Digipen; Valve liked it enough to hire the whole team and invite them to port the game to their Source engine. You can find the original project, Narbacular Drop, here — well worth checking out, though the remake looks to be much better.

  2. Just the fact that Valve has been playing with physics so much now is great,
    I am going to love this just because it’s a puzzle game with kick ass gameplay. It looks to be simple to learn, and complex to master…Can’t wait!

  3. Hah! That looks all too neat. Now, they need to make a console port of it. Yes.

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