All right all you lion people….

Want an original “The Lion King” release banner from 1994?

Currently bid at $0.05.

Pass it around please. I would love to give this a good home.

9 Responses to “All right all you lion people….”

  1. drleo says:

    You could always try advertising this on .

  2. rigelkitty says:

    Wide image, lj-cut?

  3. murasadramon says:

    And the eastcoastfurs or furaffinity communities.

  4. tincrash says:

    what is the Reserve?

  5. Phil says:

    I just stripped the reserve out as far as it would allow me. The next bid ($1.05) will meet reserve.

  6. Phil says:

    Image reduced in size.

  7. Phil says:

    Wow. Can’t join a regional fur group without approval in LJ? That’s interesting.

    I’d join FA, but I can’t exactly be surfing there from work.

  8. tincrash says:

    Man, I would really like this. Looks like someone else wants it too =)

  9. murasadramon says:

    Not even the FA Livejournal? It’s clean there!

    And the approvals on both communities are to prevent spamming, trolling and harassment. I approved you on East Coast Furs.

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