How not to fire a handgun:

How not to fire a rifle:

How not to fire a cannon:

Though to be really honest, I think the rifle one is someone playing a joke in the office. You can hear the guys laughing and shouting in the background “shoot!” and “attack!”

And like any good office prank, they play it on other folks too:

3 Responses to “BOOM STIX!”

  1. I had seen the riffle one before, but thanks for sharing the others, Bennie!

    And in return you get, how not to fire a rocket launcher:

  2. tombfyre says:

    Owie, everyone always gets a good laugh over broken bones and powder burns. ^^()

  3. animakitty says:


    The cannon one was *not* what I expected, but the .60 cal handgun video was hilarious. :K)

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