Nothing is quite like the surprise of finding a few emergency bills just zeroed your bank account. With some mad scrambling I made sure rent was covered, but am sweating bullets until the next payday. I already think I bounced a check to a dear friend and that’s going to suck explaining.

And to top things off, in the joy department, the minivan decided to pop it’s serpentine belt off. So with a little help from Wolf, the belt was removed and the van was very carefully nursed the few blocks back home, stopping to keep it from overheating. Thank gooodness for analog guages.

So it’s going to site idle until the paycheck hits and I’ll call the AAA towtruck to go fix it too.

Man. The suck all hits at once, doesn’t it?

In the mean time, packing down the apartment and general life organization means it is EBAY TIME. Wohoo! Let’s hear it for the giant garage sale.

I’ve put a few things up on ebay over the weekend. I don’t think I’ve ever had this many concurrent auctions before. Very cool.

Most notable for the fur-folk is the GraphXpress stuff as well as Original Lion King Promotional Theater Banner.

Here’s hoping it goes well!

Edit: Oh! The kind offers for cash are really nice. I think at this point, we can swing it.

Of course, it was pointed out now would be an excellent time to remind folks that Sue’s Doematrix shirt and the vintage Sue & Eric shirt are all for sale on MLD’s Maven site. Also, the book is up for sale on Plan 9.

2 Responses to “Ebay!”

  1. sirfox says:

    lemme know if you need a hand with some spare bux for the short-term.

  2. mongologue says:

    You can never trust anything called a serpentine belt. *rkk-tkk-tkk* Best of luck, I shall peruse the eBay stuffs.


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